Programs & Products

Lifetouch Yearbooks® eases and elevates your school’s yearbook program from initial brainstorming, through design, to final approval and publication. Learn more about the Programs and Products included in our Yearbook program. 

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Adviser Resources

Yearbook Advisers have a crucial role in leading not only the creation of the yearbook but also leading the class of students. Lifetouch eases the role of the advisers by providing resources and tools to help advisers build, sell and distribute yearbooks.

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Board of Yearbook Advisers

The Board of Yearbook Advisers is a select group of advisers from across North America that help shape the future of Lifetouch Yearbooks® by providing insight on trends in their schools, sharing what students and schools are interested in, and giving feedback to improve the Lifetouch Yearbook program.

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Browse events & news topics to get involved or find helpful tips and resources.

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Yearbook Website

The Lifetouch yearbook website simplifies the online yearbook building process making it more intuitive and enjoyable for both brand-new or highly-advanced advisers and teams to design yearbooks. The website features advanced book-building capabilities to streamline the way you organize, plan and design yearbooks.

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Yearbook Blog

Looking for inspiration and tips to create an awesome yearbook? Check out our blog.


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"We have been so happy with Lifetouch for a very long time. As a matter of fact we took a one year break and went with another vendor and had to come right back to Lifetouch. We really appreciate how great your staff is! We want to extend our thanks to Sarah Wise who does an awesome job in covering all the details the way she does. We especially enjoy seeing her sweet smile!!! Thanks to all of your for hard work!"

Evans International Elementary

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Lifetouch provides photography for schools and families, and works to give back to our communities

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