The Journey Begins

This year, we have a story to tell. One of hope, togetherness and strength. Our campaign theme, Keep Moving Forward, will help us tell that story.

Through Keep Moving Forward, our goal is to help you and your students stay hopeful, motivated and in the moment. We have many resources full of additional tips, inspirational ideas, and educational moments to help you with yearbook building. So let’s dive in!

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Listen to experts discuss topics relevant to the yearbook building process

Our suite of helpful resources and training.

Our library of digital resources will make your yearbook stand out.

Custom yearbook covers that were designed by our Yearbook Design Services team.

Predesigned yearbook themes that help Advisers become the yearbook building expert.

International Yearbook Showcase Contest

What they're saying

"The picture process was easy in every aspect. Teachers especially appreciated how quickly it moved. Students returned to class in a timely manner."

Calhoun Academy

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Lifetouch provides photography for schools and families, and works to give back to our communities

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